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With over 25 years of experience

All Express Freight is here to help you be confident in your sales to your customers. No more worries, just expert transportation services.

Our Story

We believe in both customer and employee satisfaction

It can be difficult finding a Freight Company that you can trust to regularly deliver your goods on time.

We understand how concerning it is to not be able to provide your customers with the products they need when they need them. You deserve quick, good quality transportation services that will get your products to you without causing you stress.

All Express Freight was founded in 2013, and our founders have over 25 years of experience in all things transportation, from logistics to truck driving.

Experience Fast & Convenient Product Delivery

Never worry about your products again. We make sure your goods arrive quickly and safely.

Our Team

Our Dedicated Team

Meet the people behind it all.

Jacob Cacho


“It was never a question if we can do this, But more of a “ okay how are we going to get this done” mentality. Failure was / is never a option.”

Motivated and inspired by their family and loved ones, Jacob partnered up with his friend Walter and started All Express Freight with the idea of doing something better and trying out a trucking business. Since 1996, both have managed logistics; thanks to their industry expertise, contacts, and commitment to excellence, the business has steadily increased. In addition, hard work has earned them the respect of their clients, who are the reason for their success.



“We believe in getting the job done by any means necessary. The trucking business doesn't stop, so we don't stop. ”

Walter has 25 years trucking everything from lumber, to ice, to produce. He became fed up with all the inefficiencies working with other companies in the industry, so he took matters into his own hands, and started All Express Freight with Jacob in 2013.

“We started off as a small local business with only 1 vehicle. Now we have 36 different vehicles and a warehouse, and we don't plan on stopping there - we’re just getting started.”

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Employee satisfaction is one of our top priorities.